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Winter Smartphone Photography Tips

In Colorado, we love winter. The snow, mountains, and snow covered trees provide great contrasts and gorgeous landscapes. There is just something about a canvas of snow that creates some of the best-looking photos…next to spectacular senior photos (shameless plug,...

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Summer 2017 Fashion

Summer is almost here and the racks at your favorite stores are bursting with summer apparel. And, you will find that a lot of the summer fashion apparel designs are straight from the spring and summer fashion shows from earlier this year. As your Denver portrait...

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Must Have Back To School Fashion

If you're like us, you're already daydreaming of your back to school outfits. There's nothing quite like fall fashion to get you ready to slay the year ahead. Sorting through the myriad of fall trends can be a major pain - where do you start? What will work for you?...

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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends 

Fall fashion is just around the corner, and even though the runway is not exactly school cafeteria ready, there have been some awesome trend inspirations that you can take and make your own as you update your wardrobe for the fall. As your Denver photographers,...

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Favorite Camera Accessories

Holiday shopping season has arrived! If you've got a shutterbug in your family and you're wondering what the best gifts would be to help nurture their passion for photography, we totally understand. If you're overwhelmed by the sheer number of camera accessories out...

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Look Good on the Slopes

Ski Fashion Tips for 2018 As your Denver photographers, there is nothing we love doing more than hitting the slopes. Here in Colorado, ski season is well underway and the slopes are finally starting to see the kind of snow that has people daydreaming of days off,...

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Snapchat Selfie Tips

Oh snap! Yep, we all love our Snaps on Snapchat! With all the lenses, filters, and colors there are plenty of ways to get creative with your Snaps. We have put together some Snapchat selfie tips. If you are new to Snapchat, you can use this to learn about some...

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Outdoor Smartphone Photography Tips

We live in Colorado which means we love the outdoors. Let’s face it, no one chooses to live or visit our state to stay indoors. We are fortunate enough to live in a place where doing outdoor activities us simply the norm. As a Denver photographer, we to love getting...

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Denver Shopping Secrets: Hidden Gems

Denver is a fun, and sometimes, quirky city. But, as the city grows, sometimes we miss out on some real hidden gems. As your Denver professional photographers, and with the holiday season fast approaching, we thought it would be a great time to look at some Denver...

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Our Favorite Smartphone Camera Apps

Your smartphone, we’re sure, is going to be getting a lot of use over the holidays. With all the parties and family gatherings, we bet that your phone’s camera and social media apps are going to be among its most used features. As your favorite family photography...

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Winter Fashion Trends for 2017

So, What's New in Winter Fashion? Winter is officially here. So, that means it is time to layer up and get your warm on. While many fashion shows may not have what is considered applicable to everyday style and the practicality you need when the snow is falling, your...

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Smartphone Photo Tips

Almost everyone carries a smartphone nowadays. And, most of today’s phones have high-resolution cameras, which, if you know what you are doing, can bring you professional results. In fact, there are a lot of professional photographers who sell photos they captured...

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Fall 2015 Fashion Musts

Fall fashion is, oftentimes, very eclectic. This year is no exception with ’70s- inspired retro trends sometimes merging with ’90s-era plaids. Our Denver photography masters at Monty Nuss have done some of the heavy lifting for you and looked into some of those 2015...

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters – A History

It is interesting that what is considered to be ugly, can also be endearing and nostalgic. That is the case with the infamous ugly Christmas sweater. And, by doing Denver family photography since 1981, we have seen this fad in all its glory! While some people would...

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2016 Winter Fashion Musts

Winter is here! Snow has fallen, the air is cool and refreshing. But, that does not mean you have to trade in your sense of fashion for an overstuffed Broncos parka (although that is pretty cool!). As Denver Colorado photographers, we have seen all sorts of winter...

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Hit the Slopes with the Right Look

Ski Fashion Trends When it comes to skiing and snowboarding in Colorado, it is more than just strapping on the boards and hitting the lift. Today, hitting the slopes with the right and comfortable look is important. Plus, with today’s more advanced clothing and fabric...

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