April 2, 2021

What Will Next Year Look Like for Seniors?

Monty Nuss

COVID Senior Year

As we head into the second half of the summer, it’s understandable that students may be wondering what the new school year will look like. There have been plenty of theories floating around, and what the schools decide on will likely morph and evolve with the coronavirus situation. If you’re coming up on your senior year and wondering what to expect, here are a few things to consider. But, one thing we do know, if you are heading into your senior year, there is still time for your senior pictures

A Whole New World  

Everyone’s been talking about the “new normal” since quarantine started, and there’s no denying that whatever the world looks like as we recover from this virus and after we have a reliable response for the future, it will likely change some parts of how we operate in society forever. That concept alone is enough to make an already monumental year all the more nerve-wracking, but remembering that you’re not in this alone is important.  

Still Undecided  

While some schools have posed ideas about what the new school year might look like, but to our knowledge, no final plans have been set. Which makes sense, considering the virus’ numbers and community impact changes every day. We’re learning as we go, here, and that increases the likelihood that Denver Public Schools, as well as private schools within the area, will wait until the last possible minute to make a final decision, and even then, the way you attend senior year might morph and change throughout the school year, too.  

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Remote Learning 

Like 2020 seniors experienced, remote learning can seriously impact the experience of your senior year – but it doesn’t have to rob you of a senior year! There’s a good chance your senior year may start remotely or contain a remote component all through the year. You’re already familiar with what learning remotely is like, but focusing for the start of a new academic year might pose new challenges, so if you start the year remotely, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.  

Hybrid Learning  

One of the most commonly posed ideas out there includes hybrid learning – a combination of some in-classroom time and some remote learning time. This would allow students some time face-to-face with educators, while still ensuring schools adhere to the necessary social distancing guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hybrid learning has a lot of proponents as well as plenty of hesitation and opposition for various reasons. The benefit of potential increased engagement for students must be weighed against the potential safety hazards that go hand in hand with the coronavirus.  

The Good News

Most people believe that in early 2021 or spring, there should be a vaccine available. If that is the case, there is a good chance that come the end of your senior year, you should be back in the classroom. So, we will keep hoping for that, then you can enjoy a more traditional end of your high school career!

Whatever the school year ends up looking like, it’s important to remember that you are in charge of what your senior year experience looks like and feels like. It might not be “traditional,” but you can follow in the footsteps of the class of 2020 before you when it comes to getting creative and finding ways to make your senior year special – even if it’s through a screen!  

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021