April 2, 2021

What to Wear for Your Winter Family Photo Session

Monty Nuss

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Colorado. Snowy trees and frosty rivers make a great backdrop for your family photos. It’s no surprise that many families choose outdoor settings for their winter photo shoot. While this can deliver great pictures that you’ll look back on fondly for years, it’s also important that you dress for the weather. Outdoor winter family photo sessions can get cold, and you’ll want to make sure your family is comfortable while posing for pictures.

The following tips will help ensure you dress properly and get beautiful family photos out of your outdoor winter session.

Visible Layers Provide Interesting Contrast for Your Photos

Winter weather in Denver can be unpredictable. It can go from sunny and 50 degrees to overcast and 20 degrees quite quickly. Family photo sessions can take several hours to complete, and you want to make sure you’re prepared for these changes in weather. The best way to do this is to dress in layers.

Wearing layers will not only keep you warm, but it will add nice visual contrast to your pictures. The following approaches can make your pictures pop:

  • Layer a collared shirt underneath a sweater
  • Wear a nice sweatshirt or sweater with a jacket
  • Accessorize a sweater dress with a blanket scarf

Not only will these layers look good, but they give you options for comfort and style. You can add or remove layers as needed to stay comfortable when the weather changes. You can also vary your photos by using different combinations of layers in each picture.

Hidden Layers will Keep You Warm

Visible layers are great to spice up your photos, but don’t forget about some important hidden layers. These are especially important if your photo session happens to fall on a bitter cold day. Here are some tips to help you get your hidden layers right:

  • Extra socks can keep your feet warm and toasty all day
  • Ski underwear provides a thin, warm layer that won’t impact your appearance on camera
  • Avoid extremely bulky hidden layers which may not be flattering in a photo
  • If you’re wearing a winter coat on top of your layers, choose one that accentuates your waistline (belts or tapered coats are great)
  • Hand warmers can keep your hands and feet warm
  • Make sure you choose comfortable layers (avoid those itchy wool sweaters)

Embrace Winter Accessories

You live in Denver. You’re scheduling your family photo session for the winter. It’s time to embrace the winter style that defines our area. Winter accessories will spice up your photos and add an element of fun. They also make for authentic Colorado photos. Most importantly, they’ll help you stay comfortable throughout your photo session.

Some great winter accessories to bring to your family photo session include:

  • Hats
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Scarves
  • Boots

Bring a Change of Clothes

This advice is important for any family photo session, regardless of the time of year. Kids often spill things on their clothes or get their outfits dirty when running around outside in between pictures. Having an extra outfit or two will prevent these stains from ruining your photos.

A change of clothes can also provide additional comfort on a cold, snowy day. You can change into a warmer outfit if necessary. You’ll also have the opportunity to get out of wet pants after standing outside in the snow for an extended period of time. Your kids will look miserable in the photos if they’re cold, wet and uncomfortable. Make sure you’re prepared with extra clothes to keep them warm and dry all day.

Avoid Matching Outfits

Exact matching outfits don’t make for the most interesting photos. It’s ok to do this if you really want everyone to look uniform, but keep in mind your photos may lack contrast and variety. Instead, consider choosing a set color theme that everyone wears. These colors can show up in different ways for each member of your family. For example, one person may wear an earth-toned top, while someone else wears an earth-toned skirt, and a third person uses these colors in an accessory item such as a hat or scarf.

This type of color coordination will provide a sharpness to your pictures, while maintaining the contrast necessary to keep your photo session interesting.

Building Lasting Memories for Your Family

At Monty Nuss Photography, we want to help you capture life’s special moments. We’ve been providing family photography services in the Denver area for over 35 years, and we know how to capture this moment in time in a way that will deliver wonderful memories for years to come.

Our Uniquely You Experience™ was created to help accentuate your family’s style and personality, providing authentic photos that capture the essence of your family dynamic. This exclusive approach to family photo sessions involves:

  • Getting to know your family to understand your personality and what’s important to you
  • Discussing your goals for the family photo session to help you get pictures you’ll love
  • Providing guidance on your wardrobe and the session location to ensure the process runs smoothly
  • Coordinating backgrounds that complement your family’s personal style
  • Using the most advanced materials, processes and systems to deliver the highest quality photos possible

Family photo sessions are a great way to capture a unique moment in time. With our Uniquely You Experience™, we’ll make sure this moment also showcases your family’s personality to provide the lasting memories you desire.

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