What to Plan for When Your Senior Photo Session Approaches

For many high schoolers, the impending summer also means upcoming senior pictures. It’s one of those high school mile markers that everyone loves, but no one really knows how to handle until it’s there. Every session will be unique, just like each student is (we call it our Uniquely You Experience), but there are a few things you can do to help prepare and make the most of your senior photoshoot.

Work With the Weather

If you’re planning on an outdoor shoot, be prepared for weather. While most summer afternoons are pretty mild in the Denver area, there is always the chance of rain or clouds. An overcast day actually provides phenomenal lighting, but if the rain comes out to play you should be prepared. The important thing is this – unexpected weather doesn’t have to ruin your photo session. In fact, it can enhance it if you’re willing to roll with it. It might even make your photos stand out in the crowd, after all, a little weather never hurt anyone, but there might be a very small number of your classmates who have a stunning post-shower rainbow or a puddle-splash photo in their senior photo mix.

All About the Outfit

Chances are you’re not going to want just a single outfit in your senior photo final lineup. Choose a few outfits that mean something to you. A lot of students choose to include a sports uniform or letter jacket in their sessions, but if you aren’t in a sport, you can find other ways to include key pieces of your high school career in your photos. Lay out and try on your outfits before you bring them to the shoot, and avoid loud patterns – they don’t translate quite as well on camera.

Just Be You

At the end of the day, your senior photos should be a good representation of who you are. Your personality should shine through above all else, so try to relax a little and have fun when the day of the session comes around. Being yourself is important, even if you’re not naturally comfortable in front of a camera, do your best. You’ll be glad you took extra steps to chill out and feel at home in your photo setting when you see the natural-looking results.

Be Open

Sometimes, students come into their photo sessions believing they already know what will work best. Our best advice in this situation is to be open to suggestions from your photographer. We might occasionally put you in a pose that feels a little uncomfortable, but looks amazing on camera, or ask you to try something a little outside of your comfort zone for a phenomenal result. If you can trust your photographer and be open to following their lead, you’ll feel even better about the results you achieve.

Senior photos are a big deal, and the process can be equal parts fun and nerve-inducing. If you work with a photographer you trust, you’ll set yourself and your photographer up for success. We offer several senior portrait packages and would love the opportunity to help your unique personality and high school experience shine through on camera. Contact us today to learn more.

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