April 2, 2021

Using Instagram Stories

Monty Nuss

Instagram stories are pretty much an integrated part of our lives at this point. We see them every day, we interact with them, and they’re a great way to stay caught up with our friends, families, and favorite influencers. But how can you take your Instagram stories to the next level? How can you make your Instagram stories the ones that get watched over and over, interacted with again and again? Here are some of our favorite tips to make your Instagram stories the best they can be!  

Get Creative  

There is so much flexibility with Instagram stories now. You can resize your photos, you can add effects, stickers, account tags, hashtags, filters, and more. The only limit to what you can you do with your stories, effectively, is your imagination. So, get creative, have fun, use stickers to enhance the story you’re trying to tell, or just go sticker crazy! Essentially, you do you, boo. But let your creativity shine.  

Gifs Are Your Friend  

Let’s be honest, there’s no faster way to add personality or convey emotion than with a gif. They’re more expressive than your standard emoji or sticker and they catch the eye. On top of all that, Instagram does a great job at keeping up with the times and constantly adding relevant, fun gifs that speak to all manner of pop culture trends and interests. No matter what’s going on in your life, there’s almost always going to be a gif for you to add that will help other resonate with your content.  

Tell A Story  

The cool thing about Instagram stories is that you can give a real-time picture of what’s going on in your life. You can really take someone through your day, or share in an experience with them in a way that you can’t do through many other mediums. It’s right there in the name- Instagram Stories. Do more than just share pretty pictures here – tell a story!  

Multimedia is Where It’s At  

Part of the most effective way to tell a story with Instagram stories is to use more than just photos. Use video, too. Multimedia is so easy to do within the app itself that there’s no reason not to!  

With those tips in mind, you can create some seriously cool content that your family, friends, and followers will love. In fact, many of our families find it fun to create strories during family photography sessions!  What are your favorite tools to use in Instagram stories?  

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021