April 2, 2021

Time to Book Your Senior Photos

Monty Nuss

Senior year of high school is a milestone in your life. It marks the end of an era and signals the transition from childhood into young adulthood. You’ll want to document this momentous occasion with photos that you can look back on fondly for the rest of your life. Years from now, you’ll laugh at the funny hairstyles and fashion of your youth, but also trigger magical memories of this important time in your growth and development.

Senior pictures are a great way to capture the culmination of your high school experience. At Monty Nuss, we’ve been the trusted photographer of high school seniors in the Denver area for over 20 years. Our goal is to create a unique senior portrait experience that lets your personality shine and captures this moment in life tastefully and artistically.

While there are still a few months left in junior year, this is the time to start booking your senior photo sessions. The lighting and colors of spring make for a perfect backdrop for your pictures, and booking your session now allows you to get ahead of the rush that will occur next fall. If you wait too long to schedule your senior pictures, you may find it challenging to get an appointment before the yearbook deadline for photo submissions passes.

Senior Photo Packages from Monty Nuss

At Monty Nuss Photography, we offer three different senior photo packages to address your unique needs. You can view our senior pictures gallery to see our approach to these photo sessions.

The Uniquely You Collection

Our deluxe senior photo session package provides the best opportunity showcase your style and personality. The Uniquely You Collection package includes:

  • Up to 8 outfits
  • 2-hour photo session
  • In the studio and on location

The Graduate Session

The Graduate Session is our classic senior photo package, and for good reason. It provides great value to seniors looking to capture this time in their life. Your package includes:

  • Up to 5 outfits
  • 1-hour photo session
  • At our studio

The Yearbook Only Session

This package is perfect high school seniors who are just looking for a stunning yearbook photo. Your package includes:

  • Up to 2 outfits
  • Half hour session
  • At our studio

Creating a Uniquely You Experience™

senior photo session in DenverEach year, hundreds of high school students choose Monty Nuss Photography for their senior photo sessions. The reason we’ve become the leading high school portrait photographer in Denver is due to our approach, which we call the Uniquely You Experience™.

Our exclusive approach is focused on capturing this moment in time and bringing your personality to life. You are truly unique, and this should shine through in your senior photos. When you look back on these pictures years from now, we want you to remember yourself as you truly are today. We want you to think of the great moments you experienced throughout high school, and have fond memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

The Uniquely You Experience™ allows us to bring this vision to life in the following ways:

  • We take the time to get to know you want what is important to you
  • We discuss your likes and dislikes, and seek to understand your goals for your photo session
  • We provide recommendations on wardrobe choices that will showcase your personal style
  • We coordinate backgrounds that complement your features, style and clothing
  • We provide “barely there” retouches to enhance your portrait and deliver a beautiful, natural image
  • We use the latest equipment and newest systems, processes, materials, and backgrounds to provide the best quality photos
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

With our Uniquely You Experience™, you’ll have senior photos that showcase your personality and document this moment in time. Most importantly, you’ll have pictures you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

Schedule Your Session

Please contact us today to schedule your senior photo session. Monty Nuss Photography serves high school students in Denver, Littleton and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

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