April 2, 2021

Stay At Home Sanity: Must-Have Apps

Monty Nuss

Even as Colorado begins to slowly open back up and we ramp up for senior pictures, there have been continued reminders that we are still “safer at home” in the midst of this pandemic. So while we’re all being cautious and still spending more time at home than out, we wanted to share with you a few app ideas that can keep you from getting too stir-crazy, too soon. 

Preferred Social Media 

Staying connected when you can’t travel to see your friends, family, and loved ones can be difficult. And sure, this is the age of taking a social media break to refresh yourself every now and then, but when you want to know what’s going on in your loved ones’ lives, social media is the quickest and easiest way to make that happen. Everyone’s got a preferred favorite platform, and which apps you download will depend on which networks your people are using. Obviously, you can often cover most of your friends and family with the big three – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – but there are many other social media and chat apps out there that might work best for you! Make sure you have at least one of these hanging around to make connecting simple when you’re feeling lonely.

Meditation App

For better or worse, this pandemic has left a lot of us with plenty of time on our hands. How we use that time is totally up to us, but one of the things we keep seeing floating around is the call for us to do a little self-work during this time. If you’ve been looking for a little more zen in your life, we suggest a meditation app! There are plenty out there, but if you’re looking for an easy, accessible starting point, Headspace is great. Who knows, maybe you create a habit with this now and find a way to carry a little more enlightenment into your daily life even after we settle into whatever our new normal is. Monty Nuss is Denver’s Top Senior Photographer for over 20 years!

Continued Learning 

Okay, so, maybe learning more after just figuring out how to handle remote learning doesn’t sound like the most fun, but if you’re bored and looking to utilize your free time in a constructive way, a continued learning app may be for you! You could try a language app like Duolingo or TED to watch inspiring and informative videos when you have a spare half hour. Khan Academy offers a wide variety of learning opportunities, and an app like Goodreads can help expand that to-be-read list. The choices really are limitless, so pick one that’s best suited to where you want to grow as a learner and go wild! 


With all these suggestions for self-development during the pandemic, sometimes you just need a break. Staying at home might be easy enough, but it comes with its own set of worries and anxieties that can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s where the games come in. Whether you’re crushing it with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp or you’ve been dying to become a Fruit Ninja master, there are so many games available for mobile now. There are stunning story-based ones and simple, silly ones. Try a little of everything and see what sticks. 

Staying at home might be starting to feel a little stale, but there’s no reason we can’t continue to be cautious and protect our health while also finding new ways to utilize the technology we have available to us to grow, learn, and have a little more fun. And, if you really need to get out, do keep in mind that we are open for Senior Pictures! Let us treat you to a Uniquely You Experience! Schedule your shoot today!

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021