April 2, 2021

Snapchat Selfie Tips

Monty Nuss

Oh snap!

Yep, we all love our Snaps on Snapchat! With all the lenses, filters, and colors there are plenty of ways to get creative with your Snaps. We have put together some Snapchat selfie tips. If you are new to Snapchat, you can use this to learn about some features, like how to get rainbows to shoot out of your mouth in your selfie!

Quick Snapchat Selfie Tips

Before we launch into the some Snapchat features, let’s review some quick tips on getting a good selfie. These tips apply whether you are using Snapchat or not.

  1. Lighting In Front: Front facing cameras do not have the luxury of a flash, so you will need a well-lit area. And, unless you want your Snap to just be a shadow, make sure you lighting source is in front of you, not behind you.
  2. Hold camera just above eye level as this helps makes you face look narrower and helps bring out the eyes.
  3. Slightly angle toward the camera with one side of your face. You just do this by turning slightly and by doing so, you will really help bring out more expression and make your eyes really pop as well as create more facial dimension. This sounds technical, but trust us, this is a good thing.
  4. And, we say this a lot – absolutely no duckface. Sorry, it is just not cool anymore.

Let’s Talk Lenses

One of Snapchat’s primary features is lenses. This what your friend use to make it look like they are throwing up rainbows! Or if you want to transform your selfie into an animated woodland creature. Weird, we know. But this is very popular!

When you open Snapchat, the front facing camera engages. Before you take the picture (or Snap), press your finger on your face. Snapchat will then scan your face then a variety of lenses will appear on the bottom that you can try before you “Snap”

Filters are To the Left (or Right)

Filters are also a recent feature. Once you Snap and you are previewing your picture, swipe left or right and Snapchat will apply different Instagram like filters to your Snap. As a result, you can make you image take on different tones like retro Polaroid.

Videos – Snapchat is not just pictures

Snaps can be pictures, or video. But, you can apply all the same lenses and filters to videos as you would to a picture. The only difference is when you take a video you hold down the button and the recording will begin. Then, you release the button to stop recording.

Stories Versus Snaps

Snapchat also allows you to create stories. These are videos and/or pictures that you assemble together. And, unlike Snaps that you can select who to send them to, Stories go to everyone who follows you. Also, unlike Snaps that only last about 6 seconds, depending on how long you allow when setting up your Snap, Stories can replayed up by your followers for up to 24 hours. To add a Snap (video or picture) to a Story press the little Square with + icon at the bottom of the screen.

Adding Text, Doodles, and Stickies

Once you have taken your Snap, you can overlay text using the big T in the upper corner. Then you simply type your message.

Or, you can try your hand (or finger) at adding some doodles. Just select the pencil and draw or write on your Snap. If you select the little “Post It” note icon, you can select from a variety of fun stickers to your snap.

Can We Chat?

Another feature that gets used a lot is chat. You can instantly message your Snapchat friends, without having to pay for texting. To chat, just go to your Snapchat directory and select your friend and begin typing a message.

Overall, Snapchat does take a little to getting use to all the features. But, you can have a lot of fun with it. And, one of the nice things is that your Snaps are only temporary as they auto delete after the person you intend them for opens them. This feature, above all, is how Snapchat became rapidly popular with teens and now young adults. But, Snapchat is very close to becoming mainstream and a fun way to socialize with friends and family.

How to Use This Information

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