April 2, 2021

Ski Fashion 2019

Monty Nuss

If you’re trying to finish the 2018/2019 ski season at the height of slope-side fashion, look no further. As your Denver photographer, we know few things are better for some classic Colorado winter photo opportunities than heading into the mountains and getting your slope bunny on, and doing so in style, so check out these hot ski fashion trends and look your best out there this season.

All White Everything

If you’re skiing high-traffic areas or more difficult runs, we might recommend staying away from attire that makes you blend in too seamlessly with your surroundings, but the all-white ski ensemble has been making waves as a fashion-forward choice this year, and we have to admit, there’s something very monochromatic chic about it.

Slim Fit

While puffy jackets are still a very popular ski fashion trend, the slimmer, more athletic fit is also hot this season, giving your whole mountain outfit a sleek look and, who knows, maybe offering you a little more in the way of aerodynamics, too. After all, fashion that also serves a function for the sport you’re participating in is a big deal!

Pops of Color

We’re not talking muted tones with this trend, we mean brights. Pops of nearly-neon color stand out against the cool greys and whites of winter in the mountains and make your outfit stand out. You can employ this trend with half of your outfit, or even accessories if something a little more subtle that still provides impact is more your style.

Go Puffy

Like we said, it’s hard to deny the fashion statement that is a particularly puffy jacket. Down jackets provide tremendous warmth, too, which only adds to the benefits. Plus, you can pair the puffy jacket trend with one of the other trends, like pops of color (a bright red is gorgeous)  or all white everything.

Faux Fur it Up

Fur accents or full-fur jackets have been popping up more and more on the slopes, but we always say faux fur is a much better choice. You can go with faux-fur trimmed boots, hoods lined with the stuff, accessories, and more. It’s an elegant and sophisticated touch, but might not be the most practical depending on how seriously you take the sport.

Lodge Gear

Having the right outfit for apres-ski is just as important as being properly outfitted for the slopes, so make sure you’re rocking a cute turtleneck sweater and some low-rise, faux-fur lined boots for that post-slope cocktail, too.

Looking your best while soaking up your mountain time doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive. Use these trends as guidelines, but put your own fashionable stamp on them to truly exemplify what slope style means to you, and don’t forget to snap a few photos along the way to commemorate the moment (and the outfit!).

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021