Senior Pictures: What to Do

Tips for a Great High School Senior Photo Session

When it comes to getting your Senior Pictures in the metro Denver area, believe it or not, now is the time if you are graduating next year. While the calendar may say May or June, the summer is the high time for senior pictures as many local high schools have yearbook deadlines as early as August. So, don’t wait when it comes to scheduling your shoot. When it comes to your session, we have tips to ensure your get the pictures you want.

Express Yourself

These picture are about you and expression yourself. The best sessions are when we capture those things that are unique to you. So, before your session, think about your interests and what you would like to capture.

Doing so will help determine any props or clothing options you would like to try during your shoot. For example, if you are into sports, you may want to bring in your team’s uniform or, for example, a soccer ball. If you enjoy music, you may want to bring in your instrument.

What Seniors Should Wear for Their Photo Shoot

When it comes to clothing, the first rule is comfort. Wear something that you feel comfortable in and expresses your own personal style. And, feel free to bring in as many outfits as your would like. If you have your senior pictures shot at Monty Nuss, we will help you select the best options.

Generally speaking, solid colors and darker colors are the best. If you wear stripes, prints or plaids, they can compete with your face when the focus should be on you. After all, you do not want to be upstaged by your own fashion! Pops of color and accessories are fine, too. Perhaps it is a scarf, watch, jewelry or even a hat, use those accessories as opportunities to expression your own fashion style as well as bring a little additional interest to your photos.

Also, the less skin the better. After all, our focus will be on your face and you may not want attention focused, well, somewhere else.

Colors to Wear

Colors can be a very personal choice, and if you choose to wear a team uniform, you may not have as much control on your color options. Generally speaking, look for colors that work best with your eye color as like we like people to notice your face and start there. Jewel tones do tend to work for more everyone as a rule of thumb! Again, feel free to bring in a lot of different outfits and combinations and we will help select the right color palette just for you.


Bad hair happens! There are two kinds of mistakes we see when it comes to haircuts:

  1. Not getting a haircut at all
  2. Getting a haircut just before your shoot

Having a great haircut helps you feel better and confident. So, we do encourage getting your hair done before your session. But, if you get it done too close to your shoot, it can look unnatural. So, we recommend getting your haircut one week before your scheduled shoot. This will allow you to “grow into your new hair style” and get used to it.

Natural Smile

Everyone can spot a nervous smile. So, coming in with the right mindset is important. Be yourself and be natural. And, by all means, have fun and let loose. If you want to dance around during your session, by all means do so. Laughter and goofing around are all OK. And trust us, our talented team of photographers are there to help you be at ease and have fun. Your senior pictures are about you. So, enjoy it!

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When it comes to your senior pictures, trust Monty Nuss Photography. We have more than 40 years of experience capturing seniors in the Denver area. Our Uniquely You Experience™ will capture that perfect portrait that captures you. And, don’t wait to schedule your senior session. Take advantage of some of our early bird specials before it is too late. Call 303-798-8229 to schedule or contact us online.

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