April 2, 2021

Planning Senior Pictures

Monty Nuss

That time of year is here again! Senior picture season is upon us. For many of you, you are planning senior pictures for over the summer months. After all, many yearbook deadlines are in September shortly after you return to school. So, what can you expect during your senior session and what should you plan for? We have your insider tips for the perfect session here at Monty Nuss.

Planning Your Senior Session

Here at Monty Nuss, we have what we call our Uniquely You Experience™. Each of our sessions are uniquely tailored around, well, you! First and foremost, we want to capture you during your session. Think about all the things you love or hobbies. This can be sports you play, music you listen to, books you love, movies you like and more! We love making your passions part of your shoot and capturing it. If you have a favorite pet, bring it along! Bring your sports jersey or equipment. Anything that will make your session personalized.

Planning Your Outfits

Bring a few different outfit options with you. When you get here, we will take a look and see which ones may work best for you. When thinking about outfits, we usually recommend something that is more solid color in nature as we do not want to take the focus away from you – especially your eyes. If you wear an outfit that is too busy with lots of colors, it can steal your spotlight.

Get Your Groove On

If you have some music you want to rock out to during your shoot – by all means bring it. Cue up a playlist on your phone that you can move to and let loose. We just want you comfortable and having a blast and if a little Panic! At Disco helps, then, by all means, bring it.


Summer gives us a lot of options when it comes to settings. Most of the time we can go outside and get some great portraits by the creek, the truck and more in our backyard. Others prefer more indoor studio shots where we do more dramatic photos. It all depends on what you feel like. We will cover all these options when you sign up for your session.

Take Advantage of Senior Picture Specials

We do have some early bird specials you may want to take advantage of, but you need to hurry! May and June do offer $50 off with a free social media image. The earlier you can get in, the better and more savings you can enjoy.

We cannot wait to see you for your senior session! Most importantly, when doing your shoot, just be you. Have fun and enjoy the entire experience. Schedule today!

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021