April 2, 2021

Last Weeks of Summer – How to Make the Most of It

Monty Nuss

We are heading into fall so much faster than we thought (no, seriously, this year has been insane!), but there are still a few weeks left of summer, even though kids are now returning to some form or another of school. So how can you make the most of it? Here are a few ideas to enjoy the summer weather even amidst the COVID world we are still very much living in. And, while we are at, remember that these last weeks of summer are still a great time to get in for senior pictures. While we do not know what the school will bring, we do know that some yearbooks have fall deadlines for pictures. 

Get Outside (Safely)  

Colorado is a beautiful place, and thankfully, it offers a lot of wide, open spaces. That means you can get outside and enjoy the trails, the vistas, and more as long as you’re taking the necessary precautions. Be mindful of social distancing (at least 6 feet), wear your face covering whenever you’re around others, and if you or anyone you’ve been around in the last two weeks is not feeling well, stay home!  

Find the Silver Lining  

This year has been – well, honestly? Pretty bleak. Everywhere we turn it seems like another disaster is striking or another piece of our lives is being thrown into chaos. It’s been a lot. But, one of the best ways to make the most of life in these last few weeks of summer (and always, really) is to look for the silver lining. Whatever you’re up against, try to find the good in it. Try and find a slice of positive to hold onto. Even if the only thing you can come up with is “This will not last forever,” that is a powerful sentiment to keep in mind.  

Do Something New  

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s definitely the buster of boredom. Find something new to engage in during these last weeks of summer. Maybe that’s painting outside on your patio or going for long morning walks. Maybe it’s reading a new book or getting involved in a local nonprofit. There are so many options, the point is just to shake things up a little. Try something new that piques your interest and see where you can go with it!  

Make a Wishlist  

Looking forward is a great way to get excited even in a world where looking beyond the next day can feel so difficult. Make a wishlist for your fall – what do you want it to look like, and see how many of those things you can get the ball rolling on in these last few weeks of summer.  

Reflect on the Good  

Just as looking forward is a great way to get excited, looking back and remembering the good things that happened amongst the crazy broad strokes of the virus and the change is a great way to feel more centered and to remember that there is always good that exists within the bad. Staying in this mindset is an incredible way to not only make the most of your final weeks of summer, but to find hope and gratitude as we move into fall.  

Whatever happens in your last few weeks of summer, remember that you’ve got this! You can handle what the world throws at you now and into the future. 

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021