Holiday Family Photography Ideas in COVID

This holiday season is going to look a little different than most. Many family celebrations will be a little muted as not everyone will gather out of an abundance of caution. Despite the miles that may separate families this year, there are still ways to help make your gatherings memorable, including some unique family photography ideas, even with COVID.

Zoom Celebrations

At this point, a lot of us are experts at Zooming. So, use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or even Facetime to connect with family during the celebration. Schedule some times during the holidays to eat together, craft, bake, etc. Keep your traditions alive with loved ones and do all you would typically do via an internet connection. Heck, you can even watch movies together.

And, if you have an opportunity to get all your family together on a Zoom call, take the chance to get a “group picture.” Have some fun with it, as you can make a little Brady Bunch collage using the Zoom grid feature. You may have to direct a little bit, but you can get some great screenshots and turn them into a fun and festive family photo that perfectly captures 2020.

Drive-By Fun and Family Photo Session

If you have family and friends nearby, you can arrange a time to swing by their place or have them come over to your home. The catch is, you have to stay apart. For example, you can stay in your vehicle, and they can come out on the porch, and you can talk over the phone. This way, you still see each other, and you can get a photo of their family on their porch!

If you are crafty and have time, do this with all your local family members or friends. Get photos of them on their porch, and then put together gifts using their family photos. Perhaps turn their photo into a Christmas ornament, create a family photo book, use their pictures on mugs, etc. There are countless online resources, such as Shutterfly, that can take your photos and turn them into personalized gifts.

Family Photos – A Holiday Tradition

Usually, the holidays are a perfect time to get professional family photos. And, even with 2020, that is still the case here at Monty Nuss. This year, you will likely want to limit it to just your immediate household, but we still have opportunities for you to capture the holidays in our local studio or outside on our grounds. Call 303-798-8229 or schedule your session online.

Yes, 2020 has not been what anyone expected. But, we can still celebrate families and togetherness, even if we have to be a little more clever doing so to account for distancing and keeping our loved ones safe. Unfortunately, that is just the way it is this year. Thankfully, this will all pass soon enough, and 2021 looks to be a little brighter.

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