April 2, 2021

Graduation Quarantine Ideas

Monty Nuss

Well, this is not exactly what we planned.

That is the understatement of the decade, especially if you are a graduating senior in 2020. We are right there with you. Many of you had senior pictures with us last spring, summer, and fall. At that time, you were all looking forward to the final year of high school. And it started out fine. The fall was great with the last homecoming. The last football games and hanging out with friends on Friday nights. The opening of basketball season and the push to final playoffs at Pepsi Center. For some of you, college acceptance letters were rolling in. Everything was going well and shaping up to be memorable last year of high school.

And then, COVID-19 hit. Closing our schools and introducing us to remote learning. All your school interactions were over Google Classroom and Hangouts. But, hey, you also had more time now to catch up on all the Netflix has to offer (silver lining?). But, what about graduation? We are here to tell you; you can still have a grand celebration.

Graduation Photos

Look, you’re still graduating. You earned your diploma, so enjoy it and document it. Wear your robe and don the cap. Go outside and get some pictures in the backyard by some flowers. Strike your favorite pose and have a unique graduation photo as unique as you and this crazy time! Get your quarantined family involved; after all, they were right there with you, perhaps closer than EVER before this last semester.Monty Nuss is Denver’s Top Senior Photographer for over 20 years!

Graduation Gifts

Gifts, we all love them. This year, friends and family form out of town may not be able to come and visit, but they would like to get you something. Luckily, places like Amazon and other online retailers allow you to set up wishlists. Take some time and set up lists that you can then share with aunts and uncles as well as grandma and grandpa or other close family friends.

Virtual Party!

Set up a virtual gathering of friends and family as now we are all experts at Zoom and Skype. That way, everyone can be involved in graduation. You can even arrange for things like cupcakes to be delivered to family members who are away, and you can all enjoy food and festivities together.  Enjoy it and tell stories. Perhaps people can share fun photos of you through the years and talk about their favorite memories of being in school as well as heading off to college. Also, bonus points to those who have the most embarrassing high school story.

Decorate The House

While you cannot be at Red Rocks this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your home just as spectacular for your graduation. Pull out the lights, get balloons, streamers, and have at it! Put up pictures of you through the years along with photos of your friends.  Put up signs in your yard, letting everyone on the street know that you did it! Bottom line, have fun, and be creative!

We know it won’t be the same as graduations in the past. But, it will be a memory unlike most. Imagine how many people will be able to say they graduated from high school during a pandemic? Class of 2020 has that honor and unique experience. We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. So, do celebrate. You have earned it!

And, hopefully, when we open again, you will swing over to the studio and say hi! Graduation and summer is a great time to think about BFF pictures!

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021