April 2, 2021

Get Your Chick Flick on With Hallmark Movies

Monty Nuss

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but honestly, when is it not a good time for chick flicks, popcorn, and hot chocolate with your friends? While the Hallmark channel is often relegated to the status of Christmas Movie experts only, we beg to differ. The Hallmark channel is great for Valentine’s movies and heartfelt, sappy-gooey goodness all year round – trust us…after all we are Denver photographers charged with helping celebrate life’s great moments, so we know sappy moments. Just consider the following.

Wholesome Fun

The world is pretty rough most of the time. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into finding bad news or something heartbreaking or complex to be upset about. Because we’re bombarded with headlines that make you want to crawl back under the covers daily, there’s a need now more than ever for some good, wholesome, feel-good entertainment in the world. When that’s what you’re looking for, what better place than the kingdom of wholesome, feel-good entertainment? Hallmark takes the crown (literally, you’ve seen the logo!) in that realm.

All the Tropes We Love

Look, we get it. No one’s turning to the Hallmark channel for movies that will garner Oscar buzz or reflect the complex nature of humanity in a way that leaves you thinking for hours after the end credits roll. That’s just not the point of the thing. But where the Hallmark channel truly excels is in fulfilling our love of tropes that, despite their cheese factor, just never seem to get old. The big city girl visits her small-town home again and realizes her childhood best friend was the one she was meant to be with all along? Sign us up! The small mom-and-pop store is at risk of being run out of town by the new Corporation whose hard-headed executive butts heads with the kind-hearted shop owner until that friction causes sparks to fly and hearts to change? Yes, please! The new kid in town who doesn’t quite seem to understand how to, you know, socialize, wins the heart of the local non-believer only to find out that the reason he didn’t quite fit in is because he’s a prince? Pop the popcorn, let’s do this thing! They’re enjoyable because they’re predictable, they provide a sense of romanticism and order in a chaotic world and no matter how sweet and cheesy they are, or how we can see the ending coming from a mile away, sometimes that sense of security is exactly what we’re looking for in a movie.

Not Just for Girls’ Night

And hey, if you ever needed more incentive to get your boyfriend, brother, dad, or uncle on board the chick flick train, here you have it. Denver Broncos’ coach Vic Fangio admitted to watching the Hallmark channel over the holidays, saying he would much rather watch a chick flick than a “shoot-em-up, blow-em-up movie.” And if that glowing recommendation doesn’t get the guys on your side, we don’t know what will!

Whatever you choose to watch in your free time, we hope you’re making the most of the coldest part of the year in the Front Range with something that makes you smile, offers a hit of endorphins, and gets you excited about all the possibility of the year to come. Never forget that you’re the star in your own movie, too.

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021