April 2, 2021

Fun Senior Picture Ideas

Monty Nuss

It’s spring, and high school juniors need to start thinking about senior pictures. With as crazy as this school year has been, this may have fallen off your radar. However, you’ll want to make sure you get a jump on booking your senior session to make sure you’re able to capture memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. We’re already starting to book sittings, so if you want to get professional pictures, contact us today to set up your appointment.

It’s a good idea to start thinking about what you want your senior photos to be like. Having trouble imagining the perfect picture? Check out our gallery for ideas, plus here are some hints to help fire your imagination.

Highlight the Fun You’ve Had

There’s no doubt about it: high school is a truly unique time in your life and comes along with experiences that are specific to this moment in time. You and your friends have been building memories for years, and you’ll want to document the good times you’ve had. Why not focus on these moments for your senior photos?

Pick a place where you and your friends have spent many great hours, or someplace that will remind you of those places and times. This can provide the perfect backdrop to capture your high school experience.

Look to the Future

Your life is just beginning, and there are so many great things to look forward to. Why not focus on that? If you have an idea about your future career or other aspirations, you can take a picture that highlights them. For example, if you want to become a firefighter, take a picture at the fire station, possibly with firefighter equipment.

Be True to Your School

If school spirit matters to you, show it in your senior picture. Take a picture wearing your sports or cheerleader uniform, letterman jacket, or even just your school colors. Or maybe you just want to take your pictures on school grounds.

Be True to You

One mistake many people make is thinking their senior photo must be formal. It certainly can be, but many people take great senior photos wearing casual clothes. If you want, you can have your picture reflect the true you by wearing casual clothes and being relaxed.

Play with Color

Nothing makes a senior photo stand out like truly amazing color. Our professional cameras and processing equipment do a great job of capturing the true colors of you and your surroundings. So find a color or colors that you truly love—unique flowers, special backdrops, and designer clothes all work great—and make them the centerpiece of your image.

Try Black and White

On the other hand, a black and white photo can really stand out. This helps your features and expression to truly take center stage.

Find a Prop That Pops

While you are the central focus of your senior picture, you don’t have to be in the picture alone. Often a prop can help you feel comfortable and communicate your special personality.

Many seniors like to pose with their car, sports equipment, medals they won, or an instrument they played. A prop can also be something simple like a flower or perhaps your pet.

The Action Never Stops

Another mistake people make is thinking that they have to simply pose for their senior picture. Our quality professional equipment can capture incredible dynamic shots. If you want, you can have your picture capture you in mid-activity, such as running, dancing, or playing an instrument.

Get a Senior Picture That Is Uniquely You

Whatever you decide for your senior picture, one thing is certain: you want it to be uniquely you. That’s why Monty Nuss Photography has designed The Uniquely You Experience™. This personalized approach puts you in charge of your senior photos, but puts all our equipment, experience, and award-winning expertise at your service. We work to understand you and what you want, then we work hard to define, refine, and implement the idea so the results are all that you imagined and more.

To learn more about our approach to senior photos and schedule your session, please call (303) 798-8229 today or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021