April 2, 2021

Fun Ideas While At Home

Monty Nuss

This summer has looked vastly different than any of us expected at the beginning of the year, but we’ve all found ways to adapt, survive, and even thrive despite the world turning upside down. But in the middle of summer when you’d rather be taking trips and spending your time outdoors, it can be a little disheartening. So, if you’re feeling that slump, we’ve compiled some ideas to help you make the most of summer even while you’re quarantining.  

New Hobbies  

Ok, we’re sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this suggestion, but we’re going to throw it out there anyway. Picking up new hobbies and trying your hand at something new is a great way to stay motivated and inspired during this time. Whether you’re finally starting to pluck at that guitar you got for your birthday six years ago and never touched again or you’re trying your hand at knitting for the first time, there are so many fun and creative ways to try out a new hobby. Heck, why not take this time to become the YouTube star you’ve always wanted to be, or become an expert at Instagram’s new feature – reels? Adding variety to your life is a great way to make this whole year feel a little less stagnant.  


It’s prime time for growing vegetables and flowers, and you’ve still got a few good months before things start to get a little too frosty, so why not start a garden? Whether in your backyard or on your balcony, there are endless ways to get creative and start your own little green and colorful oasis. Bonus – gardening gets you outside without putting your health at risk, and if you’re staying at home – no mask required!  

Homemade Popsicles  

We’re not getting our frozen sweet treats from the ice cream trucks or the poolside concession stands anymore, but that doesn’t mean we have to go all summer without making getting popsicles fun! There are so many fun, fruity, and delicious recipes on pinterest and online for making your own popsicles. Most of the time all you need to do is order a mold from Amazon (rock that Prime free 2-day shipping!) and you’re ready to go!  

Get Your Craft On  

Try your hand at bullet journaling, art journaling, put together a quarantine scrapbook. There are so many crafts to try, just for fun. And, hey, in case you didn’t know – Michaels delivers, now.  

Start a Book Club  

One of the hardest things to do while stuck at home is to stay connected, in a meaningful way, with others. One of the easiest, homebound ways to do this is to start a book club! Set up a free Zoom account, get some time on the calendar with a few of your closest friend, and choose a book you’re all interested in reading. Break up the book into chunks and set dates for discussion. Boom, book clubbed. Bonus – no one says you have to stay on topic the whole time.  

Being stuck at home might seem a little daunting or a little dark, but if you are willing to shift your mindset and bend a little in new creative ways, there are still plenty of ways to have fun this summer without going out and about while it’s still not safe. And, if you need senior pictures for those looming fall yearbook deadlines, schedule your session today. Also, a senior session will get you out of the house…just saying.   

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021