April 2, 2021

Family Photography with Pets

Monty Nuss

Here at Monty Nuss, we love our four-legged family members. Here in Colorado, it seems as though more people have pets than do not. That is why, if you visit our studio for one of our family photography sessions, you are likely to see a dog or two. In some cases, we have clients who choose to have their pet photography done under our roof.

When it comes to the holidays and doing our family sessions, it is hard not to think about bringing the pets along. After all, pets are family.

When having a family session with pets, it is entertaining and keeps everyone on their toes. After all, almost anything can happen, but they make for some great memories, which we are all about.  If your session is not memorable, we are doing something wrong.

Rules for Pet Photography

There are some general rules to follow when having pet photography. These include:

  1. Leash for your dog – do make sure you bring one along. If your dog is well trained and can stay, we can work in some off-leash photos.
  2. Treats – our four-legged family members do love special treats, and it helps them follow directions.
  3. Control – make sure you, or a member of your family, can control the pet. Some pets like to be held, while others do not. You know your pets better than anyone, but it is very helpful to have a designated family member in charge of handling your pet.

Preparing for a Family Photo Session with Dogs

If you are bringing your dog to a session, there are some additional preparations you may want to consider.

  1. Commands and Tricks – going into your sessions, practice basic commands with your dog. While not necessary, but ensuring your dog can “sit,” “stay,” and “down” can help tremendously for a smooth session. If you have any fun tricks, practice those as they may come into play during the session.
  2. Exercise Before The Session – It is a good idea to take the dog for a walk or have them play before heading over to the studio. This will help make them a little more tired, so they are not as crazy and running around. Also, a little exercise helps keep them focused and relaxed during the session.
  3. Stay Calm – Dogs pick up on their owners’ attitude. If you are nervous or anxious about the session, so will they. Have a positive attitude and go with the flow, and so will they, resulting in a fun session.
  4. Bring the Squeaky Toys – We all love it when our dogs tilt their heads, and we want to capture those expressions. One way to do that is with their favorite squeaky toys, so make sure to pack those for your session.
  5. Clean and Brush – we do suggest that you give your dog a bath and brush before the session. This will help make their fur shiny and kempt. Also, make sure you bring the brush along.
  6. Dress for the Occasion – Dogs are fun. So if we are doing a family session with the dog, dress as you would if you were hanging out with them.

We hope that these tips help if you are doing a family session with your pets. They are truly wonderful sessions and among our favorites to shoot! During the holidays (hopefully with a little snow on the ground), they make for a magical time during this season.  Please call 303-798-8229 or go online to schedule your shoot!

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April 2, 2021