April 2, 2021

Fall 2015 Fashion Musts

Monty Nuss

Fall fashion is, oftentimes, very eclectic. This year is no exception with ’70s- inspired retro trends sometimes merging with ’90s-era plaids. Our Denver photography masters at Monty Nuss have done some of the heavy lifting for you and looked into some of those 2015 fall fashion trends. In Denver, it will be interesting to see what trends people truly gravitate toward given our sometimes wide swings in weather during that time.

Layers – Long Coats and Capes

In Denver, you can never go wrong with good layering. Sweaters with scarf accessories should be a staple for everyone. As for the outer layer, long floor-duster coats dominated the runways in collections from everyone from Calvin Klein and Chanel. However, it is hard to pull off unless you are six feet tall or have high heels. However, depending on our Denver weather, heels can prove a little treacherous. But, the long coats can cover some fun fashion boots as the long knee boot is in! Another alternative to the coat are capes, which have been making a slow comeback since last year and seem to be sticking around.

A Little Fur

While the winter fashion brought back monster furs, the fall trends use fur for trim on such items as double-breasted coats (Prada) and evening dresses. We have also seen fur accents around collars on jackets, including chic leather coats from designers that include Louis Vuitton.

White Blouse

The simplicity of a white blouse is in this fall and ready to be embraced once again. This includes Victorian-inspired high collars that are dressed up with waiter-inspired bow ties. Even ruffled sleeve blouses are making an appearance this fall as part of the Michael Kors fall collection.

Flare and Boot Cut Jeans

While skinny jeans have been dominating the scene for the past 10 years, new trends are showing some push back. Flare and boot cut jeans are back, which fits much of the ’70s retro styling that has creeped back into today’s recent fashion.


Fringe was around in the summer and seems to be sticking for the fall. On par with a lot of returning ’70s trends, you can find fringe on vests, skirts and even on some accessories like bags.

 Grunge Is Back

Plaid shirts inspired by the ’90s are back in fashion this fall, as are the old combat boots. Plaid shirts can be worn almost like a cardigan or be worn with jeans, shorts or even over a dress, marking it a versatile option. Tie a plaid shirt around your waist and accompany it with combat boots, ripped boyfriend jeans. A hat will help you complete this now trendy ’90s fashion look.

How to Use This Information

Here at Monty Nuss, we have seen a lot of fashion trends come through our doors over the years. When you are ready for that perfect session, be it senior pictures or even family portraits, we are ready to help and ensure you look great! Also, if you have questions about wardrobe and what to wear for your session, our team is ready to help. Schedule your session online or call us at 303-798-8229.

What some of your favorite fall fashions?

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