April 2, 2021

College Essential Tips – Plan Now

Monty Nuss

High School Seniors College Planning Tips

Spring is here! And, for many of you, you are entering your last semester in high school. That can be a little bittersweet. You may be feeling excited about an upcoming new chapter and graduation. At the same time, you may be feeling a little anxious about the unknown of college. As your senior pictures expert, we have put together some essential college planning tips so you are ready to go when you step foot on your college campus.

Read and Read Some More

There is more course work in college, and it involves more reading. So, use the spring and summer months to simply read. This will help you prepare for the increased workload. What you read is not important, so feel free to read books that are of interest to you. It is simply about training your brain so it is fine-tuned and ready to go.

Sharpen up On Tech Skills

Take a little time to brush up on technology as it helps you stay organized and complete assignments. If you use technology to take notes in class, take some time to ensure you find an app you are comfortable with. When it comes to time management, you may be well served to find an app that will help you stay organized and using your time effectively. Lastly, spend a little time honing online research and typing skills.

Make the Most of College Orientation

Orientation is a great way to get your feet wet on campus and prepare for everyday college life. During your activities, ask a lot of questions, try to be outgoing, and make some friends. After all, everyone at orientation is in the same boat, and finding some familiar faces on day one can help you feel extra comfortable in new surroundings. Also, if you have already registered for classes, you may be able to contact your professors and use orientation to meet with them. This can help cultivate a stronger relationship with them, which can help in those first days of class.

Research on Campus Clubs and Activities

The best way to make a big campus feel smaller is to get involved. Spend some time researching clubs or college organizations that interest you and think about joining them. Whether it is a club or even something like marching band, it helps ensure you get to know other people on campus and get involved in the college culture. Also, when you are in a campus organization or activity, it helps you make friends that have similar interests.

Learn Where to Get Help

The first year of college is going to be different than high school. Before classes start, make sure you know where to get any help you need, especially academic.

Enjoy the Experience

This is among our most important college planning tips. It is to simply enjoy the upcoming time. Enjoy your last months in high school. Enjoy time with your friends and family. And, enjoy getting ready for college. Is it a little scary? Yes. But it is also a time to sprout your wings and get to know yourself even better. So, enjoy this little journey and time in your life.

How to Use This Information

We hope these college planning tips help you prepare. And, if you happen to be a junior, it is never too late to plan. Speaking of which, if you need senior pictures, spring is a great time to get those as sessions do fill quickly. Call us at 303-798-8229 or schedule a session online.

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021