Capture Great Yearbook Pictures with Your iPhone 11 Camera

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are changing the way we can take pictures. The cameras on these phones offer powerful capabilities that weren’t available on older iPhone models.

What does this mean for you and your friends? Even greater possibilities for amazing yearbook pictures. The following tools can help you document your memorable moments from this school year in new and exciting ways.

Photos Capture Outside the Frame

All three iPhone 11 models are equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens that enables you to take advantage of a cool new feature. This lens captures additional scenery that lies outside of the frame when pictures are being taken using the wide-angle or telephoto lens. You can then use the Photos Capture Outside the Frame option to zoom out and include this extra scenery when cropping the photo.

This feature is great for group photos. If someone is accidentally not included in the picture or is partially cut off, you can zoom out using Photos Capture Outside the Frame to make sure everyone is included in your group shot. You can take advantage of this feature on any photo containing a square icon and a star.

Deep Fusion

Deep fusion is a new feature that runs automatically in the background of your iPhone 11 camera. It utilizes machine learning technology to optimize the texture and details in your photos. You’ll find that fabric and other textures appear more prominent in your pictures. If you include your dog in a photo with your friends, its fur may look more vibrant as well.

Deep fusion works best on indoor pictures taken at a medium level of light. While this feature runs automatically and can’t be turned on or off, it will be disabled anytime you’re using the Photos Outside the Frame feature.

Burst Mode

Burst Mode isn’t exactly a new feature on the iPhone 11 camera, but it works a little differently than with older cameras. Burst Mode allows you to take several pictures in rapid succession so that you can choose the best one as your final shot. This is a great feature when you’re taking photos with your friends. It’ll reduce the likelihood that you’ll be stuck with a shot containing someone with a silly expression or their eyes closed.

On the iPhone 11 cameras, you’ll have to hold down the shutter button and the swipe over to the left (for vertical photos) or swipe down (for horizontal photos) to engage Burst Mode.

Improved Portrait Mode Functionality

Older iPhone models only allowed you to use the telephoto lens with Portrait Mode. The iPhone 11 also enables this feature with the wide-angle lens. You’ll achieve a different effect depending on the lens you use. Choosing the wide-angle lens will produce better portrait photos in low light settings. In addition, the wide-angle portrait photos use machine learning to allow for a blurry background, letting the individual in the photo stand out more. This can make for more artistic portrait shots with your yearbook photos.

When using Portrait Mode, you can switch from telephoto to wide-angle lens by tapping on the “2x” and “1x” icons on the left side of the screen. The “2x” mode is ideally suited for photos focusing on one person, while the “1x” mode will allow you to fit more into the picture, making it perfect for group portraits.

Wider Selfies

Monty Nuss Photography Can Help with Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures

Selfies are fun, but they don’t always produce the best pictures. It’s easy to accidentally cut someone out of the shot, especially with group selfies. The iPhone 11 allows you to zoom out to include more in the frame, making group selfies easier to take.

Night Mode

The iPhone 11 contains a Night Mode feature that automatically engages when taking pictures in very low light settings. You’ll know this feature is being used when you see a moon icon and a number next to the flash icon. The number lets you know how many seconds you need to hold down the shutter button for the exposure time selected.

Theis feature takes multiple images to ensure the best possible lighting. While the automatic exposure time is usually on point, you have the ability to manually override it and dictate the exposure time you want.

Monty Nuss Photography Can Help with Senior Pictures

Senior year is a huge milestone in your life. You’ll want to have a dynamic yearbook photo that helps you look your best. At Monty Nuss Photography, we can help you capture a yearbook photo that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

We’ve been the Denver-area photographer of choice for senior pictures for over 20 years. This is one of our primary areas of focus, and we’re committed to helping you capture a senior picture you’ll love. Our exclusive Uniquely You Experience™ was designed with high school seniors in mind. We take the time to get to know you and listen to your goals for the photo session in order to capture pictures that bring your unique personality to life.

Please contact us today to schedule a senior picture photo session. Monty Nuss Photography serves clients in the Denver, Colorado area.

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