April 2, 2021

Best Denver Spots for Winter Family Photos

Monty Nuss

Whether you shoot your family photos or hire a professional family photographer, location is the key. Fortunately, we live in Colorado, so there is no shortage of incredible vistas for a unique winter photo. Plus, our winter months are spectacular, offering gorgeous blue skies contrasted with snow on the ground. If you pick the right day, you can come away with a stunning photo. Today, we look at some great Denver locations you can use for a perfect family photo.

Pro Tips: If you are taking your family photo, bring a tripod and learn your camera’s timer function. If you have an Apple Watch and are using your iPhone, you can control the iPhone camera remotely using the watch.

Also, we highly recommend timing your shoot an hour or two before sunset for all these locations. Doing so provides the best light and golden hues to your photos.

City Park

City Park, located behind the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, is iconic, and you cannot go wrong with this spot. Offering a stunning view of Downtown Denver and the front range, it is no reason amateur and professional photographers flock to this location. On a clear winter day, you can get a great family photo with the mountain backdrop and deep blue sky. If there is a little snow on the ground, all the better! The lake area can also provide an idyllic winter setting, especially if you capture it when the lake is frozen over.

Mt. Falcon

If you want to be in the mountains with great views, we suggest Mt. Falcon. In this area, you can easily capture a mountain forest setting with mountain backdrops. Again, if you time it on a perfect Colorado bluebird sky day, your family photographs will be breathtaking.

Washington Park

Everyone knows Washington Park and its classic lake. When there is a little snow on the ground, it can make for a great winter scene. Most photographers prefer getting shots around here near sunset, especially if you want to capture the boathouse behind your family.

Red Rocks

Most people do not think of Red Rocks as a winter destination, but the red formations with snow are captivating. So, take a quick drive up there and capture the rocks just outside the amphitheater for your photos, and you will have an iconic Denver setting. One thing of note, however, you should check with the park to see what is allowed. We do know that for professional photographers, permits must be issued weeks in advance. But, for “do it yourself” photography, you may have luck.

Our Own Backyard

Here at our studio, we have several locations that provide lovely Colorado outdoor scenery. And, we have several nearby parks that we can go to for your family session. We know all these locations and exactly how the light works in those places, ensuring stunning winter family photos. Call 303-798-8229 or schedule your session online!

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021