April 2, 2021

Benefits of Having Senior Photos Done by a Professional Photographer

Monty Nuss

After the strangeness and challenges of the last two years, you’re looking forward to a senior year that will be just as memorable, but in much better ways. You want to commemorate that year with senior photos that capture your personality, energy, and spirit.

The best way to do that is to work with a professional photographer like Monty Nuss Photography. Here’s how working with a professional photographer can help you get the best senior photos – photos that capture who you truly are right now at this powerful moment in your life and in history.

You Can Trust Their Experience

Professional photographers have taken so many pictures that they truly understand what makes a great picture work.

As a casual photographer, you’ve probably taken many pictures on vacation or while out with friends. You’ve probably noticed that every once in a while, you accidentally take a picture that looks really good – so much better than the others just before or after it.

A professional photographer knows what makes those pictures look so much better than the others. For them, getting better pictures is not an accident; it’s a method, and they use that to ensure you get higher quality pictures consistently.

Get Advice on Posing

One of the hard things about your senior picture is choosing a pose. You want one that captures your spirit and energy, but still helps you look good.

A professional photographer can help you find this. They have worked with many seniors, and while each person is unique, there are some concerns that come up over and over again. Your professional photographer knows how your pose can help you look your best, no matter what concerns you may have about your appearance.

Enjoy Your Best Lighting

When taking your own pictures, you’ve probably noticed how hard it is to get the best lighting. Since a photo is just captured light, it’s critical to get the lighting right if you want to look good.

Professional photographers know how to use light to achieve the best results. They don’t leave lighting to chance. They combine experience with natural light and extensive equipment to ensure proper lighting.

Get Pictures Taken Indoors or Out

Lighting is the big challenge that will limit your choice of backgrounds. On your own, you might have a hard time finding a location for your senior pictures that both looks good on its own and lets you look your best. You might be forced to take a picture that either looks uninspired, unattractive, or both – because of the limits imposed by lighting.

But professional photographers know how to get the best light in a diversity of locations. They know the right time of year and the right time of day to take pictures at certain places. Then they can use their equipment to fill in light in certain places to ensure the best results.

High Quality Prints

Just as important as the image is the production of it. You will be giving senior pictures to friends and family, and they will use the image as a keepsake – one they hold and look at for years to come. You need a print that is durable and attractive – one that will last and maintain its appearance for years to come.

Sure, you can go to a commercial printer or even print images at home, but these approaches produce low-quality results that look cheap and aren’t very durable.

Why Choose Monty Nuss

If you’ve decided that a professional photographer is right for your senior photos, we hope you see that Monty Nuss Photography is right for you.

Our Uniquely You Experience™ sets us apart from other photographers. First, we take the time to get to know you. This means understanding what you like or dislike, and what you’re hoping to capture with your senior photos. We will talk to you about your style and help you choose the best outfit for your pictures.

We offer different packages that let you choose how many outfits and where you want pictures taken.

We utilize the latest lighting and photography systems to capture your true essence and offer a minimal retouch that helps bring out your true essence.

To learn how our Uniquely You Experience™ can lead to unique senior portraits, please call 303-798-8229 or use our online form today to schedule your session.


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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021