April 2, 2021

Are the iPhone 11 Cameras Really That Great?

Monty Nuss

Another season, another new iPhone with new features and – 3 cameras? As you Denver photographer, we love the power smartphones give people to capture memories wherever they are by carrying a camera in their pocket, but when we’re looking at a phone with three lenses on the back we have to wonder, is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Here are a few of the highlights of what the iPhone 11 Pro cameras offer for those of you who love snapping photos wherever you go.


The new iPhone has a lot of advantages, technologically speaking. The cameras are just one of many upgrades, but for shutterbugs who wanted to get those telephoto lens shots, your time has come. The addition of the telephoto lens on the iPhone 11 Pro amps up your ability to get wider angles with a longer focus length and sharper images.

Dark Mode

For many iterations now, the iPhone has been leveling up it’s ability to handle low light situations and with the power of the three cameras and their sensors combined, the 11 Pro offers the best lowlight photography yet. With Dark Mode, the cameras work together to adjust aperture and take in as much light as possible, while on the digital side the software does the best it can to display that light in the sharpest, clearest way possible. The results are pretty impressive.

Increased Sharpness

The camera upgrades in each new iPhone model are usually one of the driving forces for users to upgrade, and with the 11 Pro, that’s absolutely true. The sharpness of the images produced by the iPhone 11 Pro are unmatched by its class of cameras. It’s a stunning combination of hardware and software that works together to create the perfect picture, every time, with the most detail shown possible.

Great for Its Class

It’s possible that each camera on the new iPhone, individually, might not be the most impressive, but it’s the marriage of the three cameras and the software that blends them so seamlessly together that makes this phone’s camera system one you don’t want to miss. The interface on the phone allows you to switch back and forth between different photography modes with ease, and even switches from one camera to the other based on your zoom preference and which camera might best handle the desired zoom for a photo. It’s this unprecedented ability to stitch together the best image using the best of all three cameras with the software that you should take note of.

At the end of the day, we always like to remind people that no matter how good a smartphone’s camera might be, if you’re looking for the quality of the image produced by a DSLR or more professional camera, it just won’t happen. They are both designed for such different purposes using such different forms of similar technology that there will always be a gap. However, as far as smartphone cameras and the quality they can produce go, we’re pretty impressed with what Apple put out this time around!

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Monty Nuss

April 2, 2021